iOS Update and Device Statistics

December 15, 2010

I’ve just launched a new application, WeeMee Countdown, which I’ll be cross promoting from Sleeps to Christmas. While poking around in the analytics for Sleeps I found some interesting information that may be useful to others.

Sleeps has a large userbase, 1.5milllion downloads, and is getting between 100,000 to 200,000 launches a day at the moment across a pretty varied array of users. This gives me some great statistics on device popularity and iOS update versions.

Here’s the visualisation of stats over the last month, click to enlarge;

Now the iPod touch stats may be a little bit lower as a I suspect that some users may never set up WiFi on their touch but the rest is quite interesting.

Key points

  • 28.8% of users still on iOS 3.1!
  • iPhone most popular device
  • I released version 2.0 in Sep 22 ’10 but there are still a few people on older versions. Most of my downloads have been since September so the stats are a bit skewed but it does show that there are people don’t really update their apps

2 Responses to “iOS Update and Device Statistics”

  1. Hi, how do you obtain these statistics, i have thinking of doing an URL Post with UDID, device type, language, ios version and app version but im a bit unceartain if its okay regarding the Apple guidelines.

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    We use Flurry analytics.


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