“I, Partridge” Spotify Playlist

September 29, 2011

I’m a massive Alan Partridge fan and was delighted today to receive a copy of his “auto-biography” “I, Partridge: We need To Talk About Alan” (if you’re a Partridge fan then it’s a must buy). I’ve only just started reading it but Alan mentions that he’s prepared an accompanying soundtrack but Harper Collins were unwilling to produce and distribute the CD. No fear, I’ve put together a Spotify playlist with the tracks lists. Well, all of them except one, Mamunia by Wings which I can’t find the original or a cover of. Also, Pipes of Peace by Paul McCartney (noticing a link here?) Isn’t available but I did substitute a cover version of that.

Anyway without further ado, here’s the link: I, Partridge Spotify Playlist

A little off-topic perhaps, normal service will resume at some point.

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  1. Great! I presume you’re aware if this?: http://www.dirtyfeed.org/2010/09/now-thats-what-i-call-alan-partridge/

  2. I wasn’t, that’s awesome though. Thanks!

  3. It’s grand and all, but you’ve got the Theme from Harry’s Game twice.

  4. That’s intentional, Ian. It’s the accompanying soundtrack to Alan’s book in order, he lists it in the appendix. The idea is that as you’re reading certain sections you play the tracks to go along with it. He lists Harry’s Game twice.

  5. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks Neil. I was given the book for Christmas and was wondering how I was going to get all the tracks together. By the way, “Band on the Run”, is now on Spotify, so you can complete the playlist with “Mamunia”.

  6. ‘Splendid and tremendous!’

    I’ve just started listening to the audio book read by the fool himself and was wondering if you know if he will cue me up with the soundtrack when required or if I should have already hit play on Clannad when he is talking about his nosebleeds at the start?

    ‘Anyway, I thank you for that stolen playlist, but even then it is stolen. It’s not your property, love. You’ve got to give it back. So just to re-emphasise one more time, her contract has been terminated. This is Hot Chocolate, ‘It Started With A Kiss’. [Music starts] In three minutes’ time I’ll be talking to Norfolk’s youngest butcher’

  7. Gerrard, no audio cues on the audiobook sadly. You’ll have to reference the paper book. Shame, really.

    Good work on the quality quotes.

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